Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Quarterly Top 5 Photos

One of the things that really draws me to start & keep following a new blog is the photography. If your blog focuses in on photography (pun intended), I'm more-than-likely going to be hooked! I started following Sarah Halstead's blog about 1/2 a year ago and have gotten to know her on Twitter & Instagram. She's a lovely person and is very interactive with her readers (another way to keep me hooked!) I decided to participate in her Quarterly Top 5 Photo contest for round 3. So here are my favorite pictures of Braden from July, August, & September 2012!

1. One from the spray park this July.
Spray Park Fun!

2. On our way to BC we stopped to stretch our legs at the big cedar walk and I love all the green in the this is when he really started to look more like a boy than a toddler to me.
BC Vacation 2012

3. Another one from our BC trip, just love how Braden is so joyful pulling his Daddy around in the boat in the Okanagan Lake!
BC Vacation 2012

4. My favorite photo of his 2.5 year photo shoot in the canola field.
Braden is 2 and a Half!

5. My favorite from his harvest photo shoot...need I say why?
Harvest 2012 in Rosebud

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