Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Being a Boy Mom of 2

Someone left me a comment on one of my Ethan posts, which I believe she has now deleted or my post-partum brain cannot find it!...regardless, it really rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know who wrote it, and I truly believe she didn't intend to offend me or hurt my feelings, but she commented wondering "how I felt being team green the second time around" and how I felt with my "it's a boy!" moment this time. She acknowledged that I had a feeling I was pregnant with a girl, so "what were my feelings when I found out it was a boy?" Then the comment that really rubbed me the wrong way and started the wave of emotions that lead me to the ugly tears the next day:
"Was there any disappointment either initially or after it sunk in?"
Wow. Disappointment in the birth of my baby boy? As Braden would say: "no way, man!" She did finish her comment stating that she hoped it wasn't "too personal" and that she was "just curious". I truly believe her and that she didn't intend to hurt my feelings on purpose, but she did. Perhaps she was a new reader and hadn't read the blog throughout my whole pregnancy with Ethan, that yes - initially and at the end, I did feel I was pregnant with a girl - but throughout my whole pregnancy I also mentioned numerous times how excited I would be either way. Disappointment would be one of the last words I would ever use to describe my feelings immediately after, or at any point for that matter, about the fact that Ethan is a boy. As for being Team Green...I wouldn't rather have it any other way. When I found out "it's a boy!" I was 100% surprised and I wouldn't rather have it any other way. I was instantly in love with my 2nd baby boy, and super excited that Braden had a baby brother.

So that leads me to the title of this post - on being a boy mom of 2? I LOVE IT! I always knew I would. I had mentioned in one of my pregnancy posts that I had a bit of a "fear" of potentially becoming a girl mom too. Barbies, dollies, playing house...I know it would come to me eventually, but my world the last 2 years and 9 months has been trains, trucks, & tractors and I quite honestly love it! I mean...how could you not love this:

1 Week Old
I get to raise two boys. How lucky am I? I get to watch Braden teach Ethan all about the things that he loves! Thomas trains, construction equipment, farming & tractors...I am so blessed. It makes it extra special for me that Laura has her two boys very close in age to my boys. Also, you guys...I have buckets and heap fulls (literally) of baby boy clothing. I will never have to buy Ethan a piece of clothing, unless I want to! 
Brothers & Trains
I am also so excited to be a hockey mom! I know, I know...girls can play hockey too, but having 2 little boys in hockey?! Just fabulous! Laura and I are so excited about hiking trips, camping trips, and all these boy mom things we'll get to do together.
Brothers & Trains
1 Week Old
I also wanted to say that of course I would have been very happy with a girl too. I never feel like I should have to justify my feelings to anyone, but that comment really hurt my feelings so I felt like I should just get it out there. It was going to be extra special, no matter what baby we had. If we had a girl - then we'd have one of each. If we had a boy - then he would be the first "second" Schultz boy in 120 years, if that makes any sense! Braden had been the 5th generation to be an only Schultz boy, and now that Ethan's here...we broke the streak. I'm happy to be raising two little boys in a farming family, it makes my heart very happy to be knee deep in testosterone!
Brothers & Trains So, in conclusion...in case there is any wavering doubt out there...I love, love, LOVE my 2nd baby boy more than I can even possibly begin to describe to you with words!

Also...please keep voting for my pictures in the agriculture photo contest! You do have to "like" their Facebook page first, but you can vote every 24 hours until November 15th! I get a cash prize if I win each category and that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!