Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hi all! If you're reading this post...and you haven't received a new post for a few days, I have some news and a solution for you! I recently moved my blog over to WordPress - same URL but if you follow with GFC in your Blogger won't have been receiving the updates! (This site is

So, ONLY if you use Blogger to keep up with this blog, here's how to fix it so my new posts are showing up in your feed.
Find the GFC widget on my sidebar and click "Options" if you are already signed in and click the "Join This Site" button if you're not and then you'll see this:
Then you will see this screen:
Yes, I'm asking you to stop following my blog! Gasp! BUT, to get my feed back in your Blogger, just simply "Join This Site" again and voila! I tested it out myself...that's why I'm the first avatar in the GFC widget!

You can also follow me via BlogLovin (the only way to read, IMO!) or sign up for email subscription!

Thanks for reading, I hope you continue to do so!