Friday, November 27, 2009

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

And the snow fell!! It was a beautiful 7 or 8 degrees yesterday, and today a nice big, fluffy blanket of snow fell on the ground!! I am thrilled, I've been wanting the snow for awhile now. And you know who's the happiest one of all? The snow dog of course! She spent last night sleeping in her igloo and then this morning she found a nice spot where she was sheltered from the wind, but where she could curl up in the snow. I bought a little wooden sled for her to pull this year, and I think Luke would be about the perfect size for a passenger!

Just look at her go!

And here she comes!!
Kihei walks very well when she has a job to do. Jay trusted the husky yesterday and let her off leash in the afternoon. She did really well for an hour or so, then he tied her up and she started crying. This apparently must have tugged at his heart strings, because then he let her off leash again, and even with everyone in the yard, her and Taz took off again. Jay`s first instinct was to call Jamie, as she always runs over to the farm, but she wasn`t there! Needless to say, Taz returned a few hours later and Kihei was gone for 6 hours in total, but did come back on her own. She smells very dusty today and she threw up twice this she hasn`t felt very good today! I wish we had a GPS tracking device or a camera on her collar so we could see where she went...but at least she`s back home!


  1. Doesn't seem like she can be off leash at all. Too bad. :(

  2. Funny you mention that...we decided last night since we had a good 3 inches of snow and that Taz was inside, she wouldn't get into too much trouble because there would be enough for her to do around home...nope! Had to go pick her up at Zaks last night at 0100. Silly doggy, just hope she didn't cause any trouble over there. From what I hear from online friends, it seems we're VERY lucky to be able to have her off leash even just for walks - being a husky and all.


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