Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hooray for Sears Days!

We were planning to buy our appliances from Sears, but figured we'd wait and hit the Boxing Day sale. I happened to see an ad on TV this week for 20% off Kenmore appliances, which is what we've decided to go with. I called Sears last night and asked if this was true, and the guy told me it was an ad for the States, but that it was Sears Days, and it was the best sale prices they'd ever have - even better than Boxing Day! So Jay and I decided to head on over to Sears in Calgary today and we ended up buying alllllll of our appliances and we saved almost $3000 for exactly what we wanted! We had a very nice, helpful salesman and he gave us an extra 5% off so we didn't even have to pay GST - woohoo!! Who would have ever thought buying kitchen appliances would get me so excited!

We got very excited about all the sales going on, so on our way out the store, after we finished purchasing our appliances, we got to looking at furniture! It was 30% off the set that sparked our interest the we decided to buy a sofa and two chairs to go in our living room. They are Dempsey brand and the salesman said they're a top seller.

So our house won't be completely barren afterall, which is nice. We plan to buy things as we can afford them, and next on the list is definitely a king size bed and bedroom set!

P.S. This little one has been poking me in the left side all day! I swear the baby hasn't had much of a rest! Very, very active...but only on my left side. Maybe it's stretching me out from the inside so it has more room on the left!!

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  1. What a busy day! Looks like you got a nice start on furnishing your house!


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