Monday, December 28, 2009

Check! Check! Check!

Jay and I had a very productive day in Calgary and got lots of things checked off our list! We were referred to Diamond Fireplace and we picked out our fireplace and the stonework. Hopefully we will be able to do the stonework all the way to the top of the vaulted will look amazing if the quote isn't astronomical. This is the fireplace & stone we chose:

Napoleon Fireplace

Centurion Stone - Kentucky Rustic

I'm happy we were able to agree on a stone we both liked, it was a no brainer. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice at all but I think it will look amazing. We also stopped by Legacy Kitchens in Sunridge and it just so happened that they deal to JayWest Homes so we will get a discount if we decide that we like their stuff and get a good quote from them. I'm really excited about that kitchen, their showroom was gorgeous!! I also thought I'd throw in a picture of the hardwood we've chosen and even put a deposit on:
Montana Birch

Again, this picture doesn't do this wood justice, we love it and are very excited about it. The framers are getting close to doing the roof and then we can get the windows in and siding done!!
Another thing that we can check off our list is that the car seat is officially in the Escape and the extra base we got for Christmas (thanks, Uncie Herb!) is in Jay's truck, all ready to go. The baby's room has been done for a long time, except for the blackout blind that has been waiting to be hung for over a month. Jay tried, but we needed a stud finder...then we needed a battery for the stud hopefully tonight Jay can throw it up and I can take some pictures - finally! I also got my hospital bag packed and baby's diaper bag packed too, waiting in the baby's room for whenever we need them. I made sure to pack some snacks for Jay. I know him well enough that I will need to keep his blood sugar high to keep him from getting grumpy and from feeling faint :)
So happy we got so much stuff done today. I need to get as much stuff done in the next 4 weeks or so to make life a liiiiiiittle easier on myself after baby comes


  1. Good for you two! I love the stone! Really nice! I guess you got your diaper bag just in time!

  2. Hopefully we can do all the stonework, we got our quote back already, have to work through some pricing with the guy. I definitely got my diaper bag just in time!!


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