Sunday, December 27, 2009

36 weeks down, 4 to go!!

I knew the last week would go by fast, I anticipate the same for this week...but after that...I'm not so sure! My belly is definitely getting bigger and I can tell most when I'm trying to sleep. It is really hard to roll from side to side and the baby weight just pulls on my sides when I do so! I can't imagine how my friend Katie carried her twins to 38 weeks...I have a whole new respect for you, Katie!! So here's what's going on with me and baby this week:
  • Baby weighs (on average) 6 lbs and can gain 1/2 a pound per week from now on! (Gotta get chubby!)
  • Baby could drop at any time now
  • Prenatal appointments are weekly from now on

36 weeks.

View from the front...just a few weeks ago I really started to notice that I finally got a very light linea nigra.
Here's another few tips for the dads-to-be that I found quite amusing (pay attention, Jay!):
  • Yes, you WILL be nervous about picking up a human being that is slightly larger than a football knowing that it is YOUR child
  • You will NOT be asphyxiated when you change baby's poopy diaper
  • Baby's vomit is not toxic waste, and you will NOT die of poisoning when baby spits up an entire feeding on your new shirt (Taken from Pregnancy Week-by-Week.)
In other news, we went to church this morning and there was probably the least amount of people there's ever been...or not been, depending on how you look at it! That worked out okay because it was Jay's parent's turn to do clean up, and we had to fill in as they left for BC this morning for family visits and for a New Year's Day wedding. It was another gorgeous day today and Jay tried out our "new" cross country skis, put the harness on the dog and tied the other end around his waist. He said it was a really good workout and Kihei actually caught on quite quickly and ended up pulling Jay back home down the ice/snow-packed driveway! Good girl! We took a trip over to the house and we can proudly say that the basement is 100% thawed out...but still a bit muddy, so hopefully that dries up and we can pour our basement floor by next week. Here's a picture I took today:

Standing inside the great room, living room is on the left, looking through to the dining room and the kitchen at the very end.
It's starting to really feel like a house when we stand in it! And just for the record, it will be plenty big, but it's not as HUGE as everyone thinks it is!!