Monday, December 21, 2009

Howling Husky

So that's a video of our howling husky. She's just absolutely full of attitude and very vocal with everything. Her new favorite thing, since we have to tie up or have one of the dogs in at all times to avoid adventures (more on that later), is to howl with excitement when we call Taz over.

Remember that post from not too long ago where I was so pround that Kihei was "sober". Well, she really fell off the wagon today :( Kihei was already off leash, but Taz needed to go outside. Kihei wasn't coming when we called her so we assumed she couldn't hear us because she was in the coulee or something. Hindsight, we should have tied Taz up until Kihei came home, but 7 hours later Jay's parents got the phone call that there were 2 dogs 5 miles east of Standard that looked lost on the road. I guess we just have to be extra diligent about tying one of them up at all times because one of these times we won't have the kindness of strangers to depend on or those dogs are going to get hit. It's so strange. They are completely fine on their own, but put them together and within 3 minutes they're off!!

I'm all packed up and ready to head to Edmonton tomorrow! I'm so excited to see my family again and hopefully have a little visit with Natalie and Steve. It is absolutely unbelieveable to me that there's (almost) 3 days until Christmas. I can't help but wonder if the next 4.5 weeks will go as fast as the last! Hope everyone is ready for Christmas!