Tuesday, January 26, 2010

House Update

Finally some house news! We had an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day today and it totally lifted my sprits! I woke up with a burst of energy and cleaned the house again and got a load of laundry going, took Kihei for a nice, long walk (20 minutes is plenty long for me!), and then came home and crashed and had a lovely nap. Then Jay called me and woke me up and we went over to the house to see what had been done.

The front, now has some windows.

My kitchen! Now complete with window and a roof!

Garage now has a roof and more windows in the back.

Jay had a talk with the framers today and he actually admitted that he had no idea what is taking him so long and he should have been done our house weeks ago and been half done Laura's house by now! Well, I guess the first step is admitting that you have a problem... Hopefully this is a good sign for you guys, Laura - he'll just want to get your house done as efficiently as possible!
I think that this baby is finally starting to drop! Hopefully that's a good sign. Jay is going to take me for a bumpy tractor ride across the field tomorrow at Jamie's suggestion...hopefully that might get things started! Speaking of Jay, he and 5 others are out of the pool! I still have a good feeling about my guess on the 29th. I think and hope and pray that I go into labour on the 28th and I think baby will be born on the 29th. I guess we'll see if my hunch is right...

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  1. House is starting to really take shape!


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