Wednesday, February 3, 2010

House Update & Tummy Time

Well, Braden and I decided to take our first little adventure together yesterday! Literally, we took a "field trip" across the field to visit Daddy at the new house. Jay has been working on our deck for about 4 hours a day with this nice weather. Just look at how far the house has come as of yesterday!

Now all the sheeting for the roof is done, all the windows except for the top middle one is in, and the sliding glass doors that will be in the living room, great room, and master bedroom. The walkout is Tyveked and reading for siding. Right now we're getting ready to finally get the basement floor poured this weekend and the siding should start...I'm not even going to guestimate, because it was supposed to have started 2 weeks ago! The framers will "supposedly" be done today and then they're moving onto Laura & Craig's house.

Me and Braden ready to go on our first little outing steps!

Things with Braden have been going very well! He has one really long nap per day as I probably mentioned before...hopefully he eventually does that at night. I really can't complain, he takes a good nap in between nighttime feeds and I have learned to follow suit and sleep too. I feel quite well rested, and even getting some energy back. I didn't notice until this morning, but I didn't need to take any Tylenol all day body is healing quite well and I didn't even realize it. This picture is of Braden's first tummy time. I guess I give him tummy time when I burp him too, but this was deliberate tummy time when he was bright eyed this morning and he did so well and didn't fuss at all! He met his Grandma & Grandpa Schultz briefly this morning as they just got home from Maui.

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  1. Wow! We're going to have to take Great Grandma on a field trip tomorrow! I want to see the house again, it's come a LONG way since the last time I was down!!


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