Monday, February 22, 2010


I have been taking little videos of Braden but I haven't been able to upload them because somewhere along the way (I still don't know how!) I lost the USB cord to my video camera! Alas, due to the wonders that are eBay, I ordered one for cheap cheap and here are Braden's videos!

Meet Braden! 24 hours old at the hospital with Daddy

Cousin Danika holding Braden

"Baby TV" as Jay calls it. Braden enjoying his play mat.

In other news, Braden and I had a big adventure today! We went into Calgary for the first time. I had everything organized and packed in the Escape so that when Braden was done eating I put him in the car seat and off we went! It's about an hour drive to Calgary and I just went into Sunridge. I went to Old Navy and bought myself some "fat" jeans so I can feel semi-normal and not be lounging around in yoga pants until my hips go back to their pre-pregnancy state! I also bought some size large t-shirts to accomodate...errr....uhhhh....Braden's buffet, I'll say! NONE of my pre-pregnancy size medium shirts fit me :(

Sadly there was not much to shop for for Braden! I think they're in between the winter and spring styles because the pickings were slim for my little man! Not that he needs a lot of clothes as his Grandma Burrell spoils him rotten and he's got 3 showers coming up! I found something really cute for him to wear at Lisa's wedding in April and I bought him a onesie with a blue tractor on it...that's about it! So we only spent about an hour shopping and then I didn't want to press my luck so we headed back home, just in time to wake up and eat! I still get a little anxious about doing things like this for the first time. I was tempted to phone a friend in Strathmore so I could change him and feed him, but we made it. I know I could handle anything that would happen, I was fully prepared to nurse him at the mall and grab a bite to eat myself, but he just slept through our whole shopping experience and I didn't want him to scream the whole way home. I'm getting better with every new thing we do, but I just don't want him to be upset! :)

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  1. Thank GAWD he didn't inherit the shopping gene!!


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