Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We Love You, Lisa!

One of my bestest friends in the whole world came to visit us yesterday to meet Braden! She came bearing FOOD which is so kind and thoughtful and so "Lisa" of her! It is much appreciated to have food in the freezer that's all ready to go and just throw in the oven, so thank you so much!! I cannot say it enough. My new mommy brain didn't think to get a picture of Lisa with Braden last night, so we'll have to do that next time!

Yesterday I think I was at my all time low with Braden...and this morning I woke up at an all time high! He decided to cluster feed all day and evening AGAIN (he just did this last Tuesday)...which kind of threw me for a loop because I thought we had hit our 3 week growth spurt already. I suppose maybe this was part deux and hopefully he's done now! He was awake SOOOOOO much yesterday, which was really nice, but also meant that he ate like a little monster. He had one 2 hour nap, but other than that he only slept 30 minutes at a time! Jay gave him a nice long bath last night and it was the first time that he didn't cry at any point of this nightly ritual! He doesn't cry during the actual bath anymore, but he, up until now, has always cried when we take him out of the bath before we get him all cozied in his towel...and he also usually cries when I put lotion on him. But last night, no crying at all! So my low hit me at about 10:15 last night. I had been up pretty much since 3AM with very little naps in between because that's when Braden decided to start cluster feeding, and last night just when I thought I had his belly full and he was nice and calm after his bath...he starts crying 30 minutes into what was supposed to be his big stretch of sleep. I didn't even have to wake up because I hadn't fallen asleep yet, Jay was in the nursery and I stated as calmly as I could "only a half a freakin' hour?!!?" I then proceeded to turn the lights down, get myself set up in the glider, and nurse him yet again. I did everything I could to keep him awake to have a really good feeding, and it must have worked because then he slept the longest he ever has - 4.5 hours!!! What a guy! Then he slept another 3 hours which brought us to just before 7AM so after I fed him we are up for the day now! I feel fabulous.

After I fed him last night, I said to myself "okay that's IT!" I got out a bottle, cleaned it, and busted out the formula. Happily I can say that the bottle is still in the drying rack and the formula unopened. If Braden pulled another half hour nap on me, I was going to supplement him with some formula to give me some sanity. I threatened that to myself when he did that last week too and never ended up having to. So, I hope that this little growth spurt is over again and that we continue sleeping so well at night!


  1. awwww... Thanks! Don't worry, there will be lots of pics at the wedding!

  2. I'm glad he let you get some sleep finally!


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