Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 Month Stats

Well, not much to report here. I thought I'd have some really exciting news as it's been exactly 2 weeks since he's been measured...and clearly someone's scale is off!

Weight: 11 lbs 15 oz
Length: 23"
Head circumference: 40 cm

So according to last time he's only gained 1 oz, shrunk 1/2" in length, and his head only grew 1/2 cm. Hmphhhh. Something's off! His last 2 times being weighed were at the Drumheller clinic then the Strathmore clinic and he was fully clothed with a diaper on and this time he was in the buff. I knew that would make a difference in his weight, but the length puzzles me. I know he's growing like crazy cuz of how his clothes are fitting. The good news is that he's completely healthy and he's right on par to where he should be. He was in the 50th percentiles for his weight and head and in the 60-70th percentiles for length. When I take him to get weighed for this 3 month stats, I'm not going to strip him down naked either so I guess it will be a bit off again!

Braden cried for the first time after his shots today. Like, cried real tears. Made mommy well up with tears as I comforted him after his 3 shots. Poor little guy. He's done well, he's very sleepy this afternoon. I also took off this afternoon without him to get my hair colored and cut. I'll get a picture taken tomorrow as I'm not feeling well myself. I rarely get sick, but I've got a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose and hopefully I can fight this off and that Braden doesn't catch it. Jay's not feeling very well either.


  1. I'll take care of all of you.

  2. So stinking cute!

  3. That's the WORST! Liv had her first tear with her first shot too. SO SAD! She hasn't cried once for any of her latest shots so hopefully he'll do the same! Hope you feel better!!


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