Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Husky & Tabby Cat For Sale!

Okay...I'm just kidding. Kind of. Braden has been sleeping through the night (except tonight, he woke up at 3 and 6:30 for feedings and is still up right now...but I figured this would happen!), but if I could only get my stupid animals on board with sleeping through the night!! I lock Miles upstairs now, if I can remember or find him...but now silly Kihei goes out at 1 or 2AM every morning! For some reason the last 2 nights it's been ME who has heard her, whereas Jay usually does and I don't. Sigh. So last night Braden was in bed at 10:30, me at 11. I woke up at 1AM because Kihei whined to go outside. I was too tired to wait for her...in hindsight I should have, because at 2AM I could hear her HOWLING and barking to come it. I gave her a swat when she came in and she looked pretty bashful, giving me a "sorry, Mom!" look. I guess I can get Jay to let Kihei out before he goes to bed so she can do her business and then be done for the night. She never used to have to go out so much...how annoying!

In all honesty...I've really missed middle of the night feedings with Braden. There's something so comforting to me knowing that I'm the only one that can help him and give him what he needs in the middle of the night. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have my sleep...but I also know that they're only this age once and there's a part of me that will miss it dearly.

Well, I came back to finish this post and Braden is sleeping and I've got a load of laundry going...back to sleep for me, hopefully I can get a decent nap in before I have to really start my day!