Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Shower #3

Braden's stash from the Strathmore girls!

Beautiful, and delicious, cake made by Lindsay. (Yes, I know my son's initials are "BS"...small price to pay for a great name, in my opinion!)

Chillin' with Auntie Laura

So we had our last baby shower on Wednesday evening from the lovely ladies I work with in Strathmore. We waited so long so that Joy would be able to come, and I'm glad we did. They spoiled Braden rotten, as I knew they would! The girls were so thoughtful and bought a lot of stuff off of Braden's registry that he hadn't gotten yet, like a baby food processor and supplies so that I can make and freeze my own baby food when Braden is old enough. He was a bit fussy that night, I guess that's the difference between having a shower when he's 3 weeks or 5 weeks old and now 8 weeks old! He likes to cluster feed in the evening so I think he just wanted to eat!


We got home late after I stopped at Joy's so I could really give him a good feed, and then he SLEPT 7.5 HOURS!!! It was just amazing! I had to check on him twice because I couldn't believe it! He also had slept 7 hours the night before, and kind of by fluke I put him in his cloth diapers for nighttime (I was scared to before as he was sleeping so well in disposables at night)...but maybe that's the difference maker?! I was down to one disposable per night and after he slept his long stretch I would put him in Fuzzi Bunz as he would only sleep a few more hours anyway. Well, on Tuesday night we did our nighttime routine and to my surprise he woke up only 2 hours into his sleep. I thought we would be up all night eating and having a growth spurt, so I just put Fuzzi Bunz on him right away...and to my surprise he slept 7 hours! No leaks, nothing in the morning too!

I am a 100% cloth diapering mama now! We will probably still use disposables for longer trips or weekends away where it would be too difficult to do laundry, but I'm proud to say that we are on the cloth!