Monday, March 22, 2010

Like Father, Like Son?

So the great debate continues! Who does Braden look like? I think he sure looked a lot like me as a newborn. We have the same round heads, same eyes and a more similar nose than Jay. Definitely has Jay's lips...what do you think? I've been meaning to post this for awhile, so here it is. Here's comparing me and Braden as newborns:

This is Jay's newborn picture:

More of me:
But! Now I think Braden is looking more and more like Jay every day! People are commenting on it a lot more too. Braden still has my round head, Jay's is markedly longer and thinner, and he has my eyes too, but I think Braden sure looks a lot like his daddy now!

My favorite picture of Jay as a baby. 7 weeks old (same as Braden right now) smiling at his dad.

Today is a great day! Braden is still sleeping great, another 6 hour sleep, slightly broken up by a leaky diaper at 4 hrs (grrrr!) and then a nice 2.5 hour nap this morning and he's working on a 3 hour nap right now! Jay went to Calgary fairly early this morning with his dad to work on truck stuff, it was a nasty, cold, windy, snowy morning, so I called the dog into our room and snuggled up with her while Braden had his morning nap. Braden woke up, gave me huge smiles, I fed him and he fell right back asleep all cozied up in my shoulder. He was stirring so I put him on his mat for some tummy time and before I knew it he was fast asleep! I've never let him sleep on his tummy, so I figured if it was during the daytime and I could supervise it - why not! I just love this boy more and more everyday I can't even comprehend it sometimes! We're also very excited for the arrival of Joy & Danika this evening, back from Texas FOREVER!!! Yay! And also, Dancing With the Stars starts tonight!

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  1. Say "Hi" to Joy and Danika!

    Lordy I hope Kate gets sent home SOON, I'm not sure I can bare to watch her!!


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