Saturday, March 27, 2010

House Update

So Braden and I wandered over to the house today to see what all has been done. Jay has been working very hard over there hauling lumber around and staining it. Here's what's been done:
This is the utility room, also note that the floor has FINALLY been done! This literally took months to get completed.
Our fireplace as you see it when you walk into our home. This eventually will all be stone except for a 3 foot stub wall around the stairwell.

The project foreman!

The kid's shower is also in and our shower is being put together too. Next on the list is still waiting for our siding to be done, hopefully we will get our plumbing and electrical inspections done next week and then insulation can be done...then drywall and all that fun stuff. If anyone would like to come over for an insulation party, we will supply pizza and beer and lots of fun!! Think about it! :)


  1. Your foreman doesn't look very "bossy", maybe that's why things are taking so long! ;) We'll come and help when the time comes.

  2. we'll come to your insulation party if you come to ours!


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