Sunday, March 28, 2010

Braden is 2 Months Old!

Wow our boy is growing so much! Two months into this and we've definitely decided we're keeping him. He is just such a wonderful baby. He's slept through the night 3 nights in a row now and I feel so blessed to be his mother. Now the only thing I can't quite figure out is that he's soooo cyclical about spitting up. One day he'll eat like crazy and keep everything down and burp like a champ, then days like today where it seems he just has a little snack, burps, and then proceeds to spit, and spit, and spit, until what seems like all of what he just ate and then some came up. He does, however, keep his last feeding of the night in...which is a very good thing! Obviously he's getting enough...just look at him!

Just had to throw the 1 month picture in there for comparison. He doesn't look much longer in the picture, though he is, and he's definitely filled out a lot! I don't have his 2 month stats yet, I will post them after he has his first shots (boo) on Wednesday.

We have a big week coming up. Mom is coming for a couple of days for a visit on her spring break and she will be babysitter so I can finally get my hair done! It's been...10 weeks!! She also asked me what I wanted for my birthday (5 days away!) and I said "a massage and a babysitter!" So I get to do that on Thursday - lovely! Going to get pampered for my birthday which is April 2nd and then look good for Lisa's wedding on April 3rd. I'm so excited to see Lisa as a bride, she will be so stunning I can just imagine it already! I got a really cute little outfit for Braden that I'm really excited about...hope he doesn't spit up all over it!


  1. Olivia does the EXACT same thing with the spit up. She'll go days with nothing and then on day, every feeding there will be at least one spit up. So crazy! It's frustrating because you feel like they should eat more because you think they must have spit all of it up. :) But somehow she doesn't and seems to be fine with it! Too funny.

  2. I couldn't figure out the spit up thing either. I even tried the thickened formula for spitter-uppers but that didn't make any difference. Once he was on solids it slowed down a bit, but didn't completely stop until he was about a year old. I used to get sooo frustrated being puked on everyday all day long.
    I'm so glad you'll get a little pampered this week!


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