Monday, March 15, 2010

My Talented Son

We knew he was gifted when he was 2 days old and was sucking his thumb...well, now at 6.5 weeks old I caught him sucking his thumb to soothe himself back to sleep during a nap this afternoon. Such a sweetie! It's really nice, because I've noticed that his "need to suck" is increasing and he really doesn't take to a pacifier. The only problem with him soothing himself back to sleep, is that I tried to have a nap this afternoon too, but every 15 minutes or so he'd cry or fuss, I'd get up to check on him to find him sleeping again. Oh well, so the battle goes. He's growing again...we had 4 nights of 4 hour sleeps (even one 4.5 hour stretch), but last night we were back to barely sleeping 2 hours at a time. Will the growth spurts ever end? I'm super curious to see how much he's gained at his appointment on Wednesday! So, needless to say, I'm very tired today from the 3 hour trip back home and daylight savings time. How can a one hour time change make such a big difference? I've traveled half way across the world and didn't notice that big of a difference! Is it a bad thing to pray for sleep....?

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