Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck O' The Irish?

We had a St. Patrick's Day miracle happen in our house last night! Braden slept for 5.5 hours!! Holy shamrock! That means that I slept 5 hours straight, a little piece of heaven that I haven't had the luxury of since the second trimester! I bet he even could have gotten to 6 hours, but since I was WIDE AWAKE from such a looooooooong sleep (wow, my definition of long sleep has changed!) I had to go check on my little man to make sure everything was okay. Sure enough he was lying there, practically snoring away! He was starting to squirm again in search of his thumb so I changed him, nursed him, and put him back to bed for a 2 hour sleep. He was soooooooooo tired yesterday! He even had a 4 hour nap in the afternoon, I thought there was no way he was going to sleep well last night. Shows what I know! Hopefully we can keep up this trend, I haven't felt this good in months. He is definitely learned to soothe himself back to sleep with his thumb. Now if he could just find it without crying first, we'll be set.

Too bad the long wait in the hot doctor's office this afternoon drained all the energy I had accumulated! We waited about an hour to see Dr. Maseka this afternoon for Braden's 6 week appointment. All is well, of course! I had absolutely no concerns for Dr. Maseka about Braden, only mentioned that he is a very grunty baby, he coughs a bit when we lay him on his back, and he's starting to get mild eczema on his arms and legs. He just told me to keep him well moisturized! Braden cooed and smiled for Dr. Maseka during his exam! So here's Braden's (end of) 6 week stats:

Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz
Length: 23.5"
Head: 39.5 cm

So he's gained exactly a pound since I last weighed him at the beginning of the month and has gained 4 lbs 3 oz since birth! It is a goal to double birth weight by 6 months and I think that we will beat that by a long shot! He is completely out of all of his newborn size clothes and is fitting his 0-3 month clothes quite well and is even in one brand of 3-6 month! Our little boy is just growing up so fast. When Auntie Joy and Danika come back on Monday, they will hardly recognize him!

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

We also went out for lunch for the first time today and Braden was just great, as usual! Deah is due on Friday with baby number 3. I know she was really hoping for a St. Patrick's Day baby...but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Thinking of you Deah and sending you labour vibes for a fast and healthy delivery!