Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Mystery and Wonderment of Newborns

Oh you have got to love a good mystery! Right? Except I don't!!! I love Braden to bits, but I hate not knowing why he does the things he does, or doesn't do, as a matter of fact. I am so science and nurse oriented, where there is an answer for everything, so that is kinda making me crazy that I can't "figure him out". I know it's something I have to just get over, but it's been hard. It's been nice to have feedback from friends that have gone through this, knowing that this is perfectly normal and that I'm not alone - so thanks!

Oh, and this...

I've been watching my seasons of Friends (best show EVER!!), to keep me laughing through the sleep deprivation, and I started off with season 8 this time because that's the season when Rachel gets pregnant. I oughtta give those writers a few tips about labour and the post-partum stage!!Rachel was supposedly in labour for 17 hours having contractions every minute, sh'yeah right! I'm sure that can be a reality, but not the way that Jennifer Aniston portrayed it on the show. Another big beef that I had with watching those episodes was her post-partum figure. The show could have at least tried to be realistic about that! Rachel was wearing green pajamas in the hospital after giving birth, and anyone who has had a child knows that it takes the uterus awhile (usually 6 weeks) to shrink back to it's normal size, so it's not uncommon to still look 4 or 5 months pregnant after birth. Well, Rachel had her nice flat tummy immediately after birth, even with those pajamas on! NOT FAIR!! Sorry, just had to vent on how not-realistic TV is!