Monday, March 8, 2010

Finally! House Update!

Oh it's been awhile since I've done a house update! Not too much has changed from the outside, other than the fact that we have a chimney now. But there has been a lot that has changed on the inside!

Is it weird that we already have our gas fireplace installed, but not our front door?!

Isn't our deck beautiful?! Jay did an amazing job and he stained it yesterday. We've had gorgeous March weather and it was about +14 on the farm yesterday!

Okay, isn't it weird that not only do we have our fireplace, but we also have our soaker tub?! Hehe...I cannot WAIT to test out this bad boy!

Some more of Jay's hard work. He laid the in floor heating system pretty much all by himself. The basement has gravel in it, has been leveled...and is just waiting for the cement to be poured...still. We also have our furnace.

We are hoping to at least get the basics done with our siding so that Jay can finish the deck before the weather turns bad again, which is pretty inevitable in this wonderful country we live in. A lot of the rough in electric and plumbing has already been done too. We had an unfortunate mishap regarding our front door. We picked out our front door and windows with the designer...yet she didn't take that as a clue that we wanted to ORDER them. We actually thought we had paid for it too, so low and behold the surprise we had when Jay asked the framer where the heck our door was. If we had our door on...we wouldn't have this problem:

We actually have a pigeon couple that has taken residence in our new home. Lovely. Well, keep checking back for more updates...hopefully there is one sooner rather than later.

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  1. Quite a bit of progress! I meant to go over on the weekend, but didn't get there!


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