Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Braden is 3 Months Old!

Wow! Jay and I went into Strathmore today to pick up our computer, (which still isn't working!!), and we were going to head into Calgary but we have yet another spring blizzard to deal with. The highway was too icy/slushy the more west we went, so we turned around and came home. I wanted to get Braden weighed and measured today for his 3 month stats, but of course we showed up at the noon hour when they were closed, so it will have to be done on Friday when I go back into Strathmore. I also wanted to upload pictures, but since I don't have my own computer, I can't - so check back for updates hopefully within a few days.

Braden is absolutely thriving and so healthy! He wavers back and forth between sleeping really well through the night and then not so much! He slept through the night (STTN) 3 nights in a row when we were gone, but now he's back to being unpredictable. I think he's getting an uneasy gut, like his parents. He was a bit irritable yesterday, which is highly unusual for him, but it ended up being just fine when he filled his pants before going to bed. Yay for poop!

Some new things Braden is doing now:
  • grasping for objects, especially in his bouncer chair
  • loves a pacifier to go to sleep with during the day
  • loves to cuddle and be sung to
  • smiling more and more
  • laughing, but spontaneously...haven't found that "thing" that will really get him giggling yet!
  • wearing all size 3-6 or 6 month clothing (he's actually been in Old Navy 3-6 for a month now!)
  • this is a "not doing" - tummy time! He absolutely HATES it...his neck is strong, so I'm not forcing it!
3 month stats:

Weight: 13 lbs 0.5 oz
Length: 24.5"
Head circumference: 41 cm

So here is the new picture! I couldn't get him to smile AND take a picture at the same time, but he sure got longer and thinned out already!!

In other aspects of our life, the house drama continues. Laura, you might want to stop reading this right about now... We cannot WAIT to be done our contract with Jay West Costruction. We have absolutely hated dealing with them and when you confront them with anything it's just BS, BS, BS! We are getting quite a bit of rain on the farm today so Jay went over to work on the house, and there is water EVERYWHERE on the inside because they STILL haven't sided our house. Seems like our "Wayne Gretzky" of houses isn't holding up to the weather. We keep getting told that they could send another siding crew to get it done, but we're paying for the best, so they're going to wait to send the best GRRRRRR!!!! Mama bear is angry! Also, all the trades we have used have been messy and completely disrespectful and have not cleaned up after themselves. My house is already a mess and I've had nothing to do with it. Jay said there's sawdust everywhere, scrap wood, its more than he can handle and I don't know what the heck we're going to do about it. We just assumed it was common courtesy to clean up after yourself! Argghhh!! This is just causing (Jay) so much undue stress it's ridiculous.

I need something to cheer me up, hope this cheers you up to!


  1. We miss Braden SOOO much! I hate missing out on all of his milestones :( My graduation is next Saturday so hopefully we can make a trip down the weekend after, if that's okay with you guys.

    When is Braden's next 'photo shoot'?!

  2. Yeah we have no plans! Jay will be out in the field so he won't be around too much, but I'd sure love to have you guys here.

    Next pro photo shoot is for 6 months, so the end of July!


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