Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Night with Zak's

On Sunday night we finally got to catch up with Zaks again. I've been bugging Jay for years (literally) to take me to go see the calves in the spring. They are just so darn cute! When I saw Robyn on Wednesday I mentioned this to her and we figured Sunday would probably work. The best part was seeing Tessa again! She's growing so fast and she looks almost as long as Braden now! Just look at how cute our kids are:
Then Jamie took us out to see the cows. This little bull calf was born when we were there, it's less than an hour old with it's mother in this picture. I would have loved to see it being born, but Jamie thought it would be best to leave them, as the cows were quite spooked from the night before when a coyote killed one of the calves and I guess a lot of them got loose through a broken fence too.

What a beautiful scene! (This is actually what we'll be looking out to when we move!)
A look at our house from the pasture.
Sun setting at Zak's farm.

I hope, especially over the next year, to be seeing a lot of Zaks. It'll be so special for Tessa and Braden to grow up together. It's also nice for me to have mommy friends who know exactly what I'm going through too.

Not much of a house update or family update to give. We're still hoping and praying that things will turn around for our family and that we will all see a wave of health wash over us. Craig's grandma is now in the hospital, 2 doors down from Deah. Yikes. Joy is off to Houston today to get their house ready to sell, so any extra prayers you have...please send them our way!