Monday, May 10, 2010

How To Piss Off a Farmer

Drive through their fields when they've had over 4 inches of moisture and create huge ruts, such as these:

So, some idiot trucker dropped some stuff off at our house on Friday, even though time and time again Jay has advised against big trucks going up there when it's so moist as our road gets so soft as it's new and hasn't been packed down enough yet. I took Lisa up there on Thursday in Jay's truck and we almost didn't make it! So the first picture is just off our driveway going onto our access road. Buddy slipped off the access road and into the field. At this point, he had called Jay for a tow. If you recall back in the fall Jay spent hours towing another truck out that did the same thing with NO compensation, so Jay said tough s#!t, we're going into Calgary and I can't! So from the third picture you can see that buddy decided "well, I'm in the field already, I might as well just drive through it onto the road!" And as by the second picture, you can clearly see that this didn't work, he made those huge ruts and 3 hours later was towed out by a tow truck! Oh the drama at the Schultz house site never ends!!