Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Oh and a wonderful first Mother's Day it was! Firstly, Mom graciously babysat for us for a few hours last night so Jay and I could go to Darcy and Megan's for some fresh Alberta beef BBQ (yummy!)...and then Braden FINALLY had a good sleep again last night. He slept for 7 hours, ate quickly, and then slept another 3 and was up after 8AM - lovely!!! Then, we went to church this morning and headed over to the mercantile for lunch which was very nice. We were going to go to Royal's art gallery this afternoon, but we decided to head home because Braden was having a nap anyway, and still is! So here we are on our first Mother's Day:

We could hardly get his hands out of his mouth (as per usual these days) to take a picture! But he looks pretty cute still! I got these beautiful tulips at Costco...Happy Mother's Day to me, from me!
Yesterday, Jay decided to trust the dogs (silly, Jay!) off leash at the same time in the yard, and sure enough they disappeared within a few minutes. Well, it didn't take long before they both came home...and this is why:
This picture does not do poor Taz justice! Ray had to take him into the vet yesterday and he had over 100 quills removed, mostly from inside his mouth! Some were even hidden in his gums, poor guy! Luckily Kihei only had 5 quills. We think she has mastered the art of teasing the porqupine enough just to get a few and then leave. Taz...not so much! There must be a fairly naked porqupine out there somewhere...or at least one with a bald patch!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day to all my mommy friends, and especially my own Mom and Mother-in-law!


  1. OUCH for Taz ! glad you had a great day, see you soon,
    luv Grampa

  2. Don't feel bad Sarah, I had to buy my own mothers day flowers too! I bought myself some pink tulips & gerber daisies from strathmore.

  3. I got flowers from my beautiful daughter!!


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