Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Long Weekend

Mom is here for the long weekend and she got another great picture of Braden smiling at the camera! What a cutie, just melts my heart! He has been sleeping MUCH better now. Waking only once, maybe twice, a night for the last few so I feel more human now.
 Deah and Trinity have finally gone home to be with the rest of their family. They had been staying with my in-laws ever since Deah got discharged from the hospital, and Trinity has spent pretty much the first 8 weeks of her life there! Deah is looking so much better and I hope that she does well adjusting to life at home again. Mark is also better and has mostly recovered from the cellulitis in his leg and is done his IV treatments. Deah and Trinity came for a visit before they went home yesterday and Mom took some pictures of them:
To me, Trinity looks like a Serious Serena baby here! Serena, was a very serious little one who rarely cracked a smile, from what I can remember. Here's a picture of Serena about the same age as Trinity:
So I went over to the house yesterday to see what progress has been made. The siding is coming along slowly, but surely, probably about 1/3 of the house/garage is done. BUT, when I was their the sider guy told me that they wouldn't be there all next week because there is a house in Saskatchewan that needs to be Tyvek'd as it's ready for drywall. I felt like screaming at him that OUR HOUSE was ready for drywall 3 months ago and they never came to wrapr OUR HOUSE so why are they leaving now?! Whatever. I expect they'll be back in a few weeks to finish the job, I highly doubt they'll be gone for just 1 week, I've been there and done that before! Our whole great room is now drywalled and if people actually show up when they say they are going to, the rest of our house will be drywalled starting next week. Our drywall guy was supposed to start 2 weeks ago but keeps putting us off. Same old, same old! Our kitchen cabinets are sitting in our basement just ready to be installed. Hopefully (fingers crossed) these next stages of house building will be much less of a headache...

As for a farming update, the boys are still seeding. It seems to be going really slow this year...but maybe that's just me! Jay figures they still have another good full week to go (with no hiccups) until they finish. Then there's spraying (if the wind would ever stop) and some stuff to take care of after seeding. Braden and I will be heading to Edmonton yet again next weekend, most likely sans Jay, for Allie's baby shower. I am so excited to meet her and to visit with all my nurse mafia friends again!