Monday, May 24, 2010

New Things!

Unfortunately it's been very chilly around here lately, but if there was one bright side to the cold weather, I got to dress Braden in this adorable outfit for church yesterday. A cute husky sweater and matching toque from Gram:
So for play time, lately Braden has wanted more attention! He is getting to be VERY social and likes to be talked to and played with. So I figured it was time to try out the excersaucer:
So excited he's drooling over it!
A little stunned....but he'll get the hang of it!
Since he's holding up his head so well, I thought I would give the jumperoo a try. He "jumped" by accident a few times and I think he'll really love it as soon as he figures out how to use it. He absolutely loves kicking, so I assume he'll love to jump too.

Another new thing, is that yesterday, Braden....ROLLED OVER!!! I couldn't believe it! I was over visiting with my mother-in-law and I was telling her that how when Braden has been sleeping, he's so restless because he brings his legs up to his chest and rolls onto his side - it's like he's practicing rolling over in  his sleep (which is also a reason he probably hasn't been sleeping great again). Then I also mentioned that I thought they learned to roll from their tummies to their backs I promptly took Braden and put him on his tummy and within 3 seconds he rolled over! I screamed with excitement, thought it was a I put him on his tummy and he did it again. And again, and again, and again! I was so proud, I couldn't believe it! Then when I got home to take a video, all he wanted to do was suck on his hand when he was on his tummy and couldn't care less about trying to roll over! I know he can do it now, so I'll keep trying to get that video so I can post it on here.

Sleep is poop again. One night he'll almost STTN with one wake/feed...the next night he's up every 2 hours again. Sigh. I cannot WAIT for seeding to be done so we can do SleepEasy. Heading to Edmonton yet again this weekend for Allie's baby shower, which I'm very excited for!


  1. Me too! Can't wait to see you again!

  2. Yeah! So exciting! I feel your sleep deprived pain! Liv is trying to roll over all night! Grunts and all! Wakes me up every time! So tired!!


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