Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Old" Blue Eyes

Yay! Finally some Braden pictures, we have our computer back and finally fixed! Sometimes I still can't believe I have a 3 month old. I can't believe those blue eyes! I'm so in love with them...a nice, deep blue!People say most often that he looks like me. I would try to recreate a 3 month old picture of me as a baby that looks almost exactly like Braden...but it is a tummy time picture, and as you've boy isn't a fan of tummy time...
He can lift his head doubt about that. But...
But it seems he'd rather be a "little bird" and try and try to find something to put in his mouth...
Like his fingers!!! Now...tell us what you really think of tummy time, Braden:
Yep! That's what I thought!!
This is something new for Braden, and quite the milestone I'd say. I'm so proud of him! He's really reaching for toys and if at all possible, putting them in his mouth. He's getting really good at chewing on Sophie's legs and is giving his poor hands a break. I'm looking very forward to my first "real" Mother's Day this weekend. I actually didn't realize that it was this weekend, so I've decided to stay and celebrate here with my family, and Mom is going to come down again and go to the Mother's Day Brunch at the mercantile in Rosebud on Sunday with us. When I say my first "real" Mother's Day, it's because last year on Mother's Day I was pregnant and just didn't know it yet! I remember being at brunch and feeling kinda dizzy, light-headed and shaky! No one even questioned whether or not I was least not to my face, anyway!


  1. Tummy time sucks, that's why the my head is shaped the way it is .... ask gramma B .... the back of my head is very flat because she thought I would suffocate .... incidentally I used to have Blue eyes not green ... LOL

  2. Happy Mother's Day, hope it's great!!!!


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