Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well the house frustration continues. With all this snowing and blowing water is getting into our house because they won't come and just seal it up! It's ruining things that Jay has done inside the house and we are sick to death of having to rely on Jay West to finish their stuff. Now our kitchen guy called all ready to install our cabinets as they have arrived....alas we cannot! We can't even store them in the house yet. Jay has almost all the insulation done, but we can't even start drywalling yet because we just keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the siders to show up. We don't even care if the siding gets done, we just want the house sealed up. So here's a couple of pictures:

Kitchen insulated.
I have some really cute pictures of Braden, but since we don't have our laptop back yet, they aren't edited so I can't post them! He's been sleeping better the last 2 nights, finally! And also napping well the last 2 days. One of my best buys at the baby items sale last weekend was a Fisher Price Aquarium, so I thought I would try it out for Braden today for his morning nap. It worked! He wasn't quite settled, so I put the aquarium in his playpen and within 10 minutes he had lulled off to sleep! I have heard great things about it from Katie, she used them with her twins, and we also had them kicking around when I worked at the Stollery. Awesome! If the weather smartens up and Braden doesn't sleep deprive me the rest of the week, I might head up to Edmonton. Well, that's about all for now!


  1. Sorry to hear about the house, the joys of building :( Hopefully it will get better. Hope you come up to Edmonton, would love to see you guys. YIPEE.....it's your first actual Mothers Day!!!!

  2. I sure hope you can come!! I would love to have you!!

    That house building is a true exercise in patience!!


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