Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun Family Time

I'm binge posting today! Finally have the time because Braden has been a rockstar sleeper today! He had two 1 hr 45 min naps and another 45 minute nap during supper! Anywho, yesterday I went to Okotoks to visit Lisa with Braden. We had a wonderful visit, went for a walk around the lake, ate ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful, sunny weather! Then I came home and we celebrated Ray's 58th birthday with the family. We had a lot of great fun and yummy BBQ!
 Grandpa Schultz with his "herd" of grandbabies!! Danika (2), Luke (almost 2), Trinity (2.5 months), Serena (4.5), Braden (4.5 months), & Ella (3)
The girl cousins (minus Trinity, of course!) had a great time jumping on the trampoline. And can you believe they're all old enough to not be "supervised"? We were outside with them of course, but usually one of us would need to be standing right at the tramp to keep an eye, but they did really good! I just love that picture of the 3 of them. And here are some more...
Serena twirled around and ended in this pose and I said, "good job, Serena!" And she replied, "why, thank you!" of her many expressions!
 Braden admiring his big cousin
 My big boy in the high chair!

I feel so blessed, now more than ever, that Braden will always be so close to his cousins! He already has 5 cousins - that's the same amount that I have! He has 2 more coming later this year, and I imagine at least one more Nelson cousin, and then years down the road some Burrell cousins, I expect! We were all talking and realizing that when Joy has her twins, 7 of the 8 grandkids will be aged 3 and under and 4 of them will be under age 1!!! This family is just growing by leaps and bounds. My mom joked that she was going to move down here and open up a Schultz Grandkids Daycare! I really think she should!!


  1. yes she should!!!! seriously. that would be the best thing ever.

  2. what a lucky man so many treasures, happy bd ray


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