Monday, June 14, 2010

Braden News

It feels like I haven't blogged forever! Sometimes I feel like I just can't keep up to the fast pace our life is set at right now. How is it June 14th already? The month is almost half gone. Braden is developing so fast. He's definitely slowed down on the physical growing part...he shot up the growth charts so fast at 1 month, but now he's at a plateau, and I imagine he will just slowly gain until we start solids at 6 months. So lately we have been...
Hanging out naked! And by "we", I mean just him! I give him a little nudey bum time before his bath every night now. And sucking his thumb TONS lately. He's getting really, really good hand-eye coordination. When he is in his car seat, I have this:
And he is getting so good at batting the little bugs with his hands. Jay says we should find a little plush volleyball so he can practice his spiking! P.S. I highly recommend this toy to add to your bucket car seat handle, it keeps him VERY entertained! It's $20 at Babies R Us but I scored it for $4 from a consignment sale! He has also enjoyed a lot of drooling:
And even more tummy time lately...and tolerating it much, much more!
So that's a new diaper I've tried on him. I feel like I'm cheating on my FuzziBunz! This is a Goodmama "One" all-in-one diaper. I love my FB's, but they have so few prints that I have to seek elsewhere. Check out this gallery for all of Goodmama's prints...they are adorable. I've got a couple more coming in the mail. If I don't end up liking them much, then I'll just sell them on which I've already sold one of my non-FB's!

We are now in a consistent schedule which I am so thankful for!! Bedtime is 8-8:30 and wake-time is usually 8 or shortly after, but I will let him get up if he is up at 7. First morning nap is 2 hours after wake-time and has consistently been 1.5 - 1.75 hrs! No more morning 45 minute nap, which is great. Second nap I really try and make him stay awake at least 2 hours in between, but sometimes it's hard...and this nap still is always 45 minutes. I'm hoping that magically one day it will be longer. Another 2ish hours later and then the third nap varies in length from 45 mins to about 1.5 hours. So three naps a day and 12 hours of sleep time at night.

Sleep training was on hiatus for 2 nights because he was congested, but he's over that now. The last 2 nights we've been getting back on track and he's only woken up once after 8 hrs the first night and 9 hrs last night. Since he's waking up between 5 & 6...he feels very rested and has a hard time self-soothing. So I'm modifying the training, letting him fuss for about 20-30 minutes and then making sure he's calm, I'll feed him, and he'll go back to sleep for another 2.5-3 hours. I think that with time this last wake-up will just extend until it really is his wake-time.

I miiiiiiiiiiiiight have to start solids earlier than I intended! I couldn't believe him last night at his Grandpa Schultz's birthday party! We were all eating cake for dessert, he was in the high chair, and he was literally smacking his lips! He was also following Carol's fork from her plate up to her mouth as she held him later. It's unbelievable! I really do want to hold off until 6 months, it's only 1.5 months to go...but we'll see how it goes in the next while, maybe I'll start him at 5.5 months or something!


  1. Whatever you decide to do will be right for you and Braden. Just trust yourself, and your knowledge as a Pediatric nurse, and a very informed Mom! You know just what he needs! He's a happy little guy. That's the main thing. Sleeping is a definite bonus!!!!

  2. The "Nudey Bum Time" was started in our house when you were just a teeny one, so I think it's cool that Braden is carrying on the same thing. Ben had it too, but we won't tell him.


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