Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lukey!

We had a great time yesterday enjoying a BBQ at your place and then going swimming again! Have a great day, hope to see you today, and lots of love to you!

Here are some pics of Lukey's birthday party:
First Father's Day!
 Braden...could we please get a picture without something in your mouth!? :)
 Luke's birthday cake! Lots of fun to eat and.... play with! (See how he pushed the icing off the side!!)
 Ella & Serena enjoying some birthday cake.
 First time in the pool!
 Joy and Miss Danika...cute matching suits!
 Lukey's such a big boy - going down the water slide all by himself!

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  1. Looks to be as much fun as last year!! Braden is still oh so busy gnawing on anything/everything!


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