Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

To my Daddy & Grandpas!
Love, Braden

And now that I have time to elaborate... Jay, you are a wonderful father to our son. I always knew you'd be an amazing dad, seeing how great you are with our nieces and nephew...but the way you are with Braden, makes me so proud! You've never flinched at changing a diaper, giving him a bottle for the very first time without ANY help from a very tired me, getting him to burp, cleaning up spit ups, getting him up in the mornings when I'm so tired sometimes, and just picking him up to give him a snuggle and spend time with him.Giving Braden his baths is your special time with him, and not a lot of guys would feel comfortable giving a 2 day old baby a bath...but you never even gave it a thought and you've been keeping at it ever since! Here's some of my favorite Dad pictures...
We are so blessed to have you...we love you so much!

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  1. I agree! I've seen it first hand how involved Jay is, and how much that little boy already loves his Daddy!!


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