Friday, June 4, 2010

Night #2 of Sleep Training

I've read in many places of reviewing this book that night 2 can be hard. Boy was it ever. I wish I could report that it went even better than the first night, but then I'd be lying. Firstly, he woke up not even 45 minutes into his sleep...which was very odd and he NEVER does that when I put him down. That resulted in almost 40 minutes of crying to start out the night! Jay did the check-ins and got a HUGE smile every time he went to talk to Braden - which proves right there that all Braden wants is to see us!

So the book recommends weaning night feedings by cutting the feed back by 2 minutes every night. Since I never know when Braden is going to eat, the first night I fed him every 2 hours and that worked well - he only beat me to the punch twice. Well, last night instead of decreasing the feeds by 2 minutes, I let him eat however long he wanted (when he was asleep), but I increased the time between feeds to every 2.5 hours. That's where it seems to have gone wrong :( He beat me to the punch EVERY time, except for the last feed. I had my alarm set to feed him every 2.5 hours and he'd beat me by 10-15 minutes every darn time, which resulted in crying of 50 minutes each time. It was so hard. I was doubting myself every 5 minutes. Why is he crying so long? Isn't this supposed to get better? But, CONSISTENCY is the key to this. It wouldn't be fair to let him cry for "no reason" by me going to console him and erasing everything he's been learning. I'm giving this sleep training 1 week and if I don't see results...then I guess I go back to the old way of doing things and pray that he just turns himself around?!

But, like I said at the beginning, everywhere I've read I've heard horrible things about night 2. So all I can do is hope night 3 goes better. I guess I have to keep thinking that Braden is NOT that hungry, it's not why he's waking up, and he is still getting 4 feeds per night! Yeesh! So tonight I increase the time between feeds to 3 hours. Wish me luck, pray for us, send us good sleep vibes...anything!! (If it gives you peace of mind...which it does for me, Braden STILL wakes up with a huuuuuuuuuuuge smile on his face and seems to not be mad at us for all this business we're putting him through!)


  1. Poor guy - poor mom! I hope night 3 goes better!

  2. Hi Sarah, I am just back to your blog as I was away. I can see that the sleep education has paid off for the family. It is exciting when something tried works.
    I could not leave a comment on the spraying site –– great shots of land, plane and sky. There seemed to be quite a lot of green where he/she was spraying.


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