Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nudey Bum Baby!

As I stated earlier, every night we've been having naked time aka "Nudey Bum Time!" Mom gave me this idea - and I love it! One of the nights this week when Jay was gone, I put Braden down on the blanket and my BlackBerry buzzed so I went over to the coffee table to get it...looked over and saw this:
He had rolled over from him back to his tummy and I missed it! I've only seen him do it once. He's really not a fan of this rolling over business. He can do it, but he'd rather not - thank you very much! Some more pictures for your viewing pleasure (sorry in advance, teenager Braden!)
What a cute, naked baby!


  1. u r gonna pay 4 this later, finally got my new laptop working and i am gonna show Braden your nudybaby pics and u posted them on the net and he is a lot cuter naked than u were .... lol

  2. He's cute no matter what he's wearing... or not.


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