Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kihei's Quest: Gopher Gold

Jay and I were at the new house all day today (post about that later) and Kihei stayed with us all day. She was at this for is her story!

Step 1: Find a gopher hole
Step 2: Start diggin'!
Step 3: Dive right into your work!
Step 4: Dig a little deeper!
Step 5: You're tired now...dig while lying down!
Step 6: You think you see something!
Step 7: Keep digging, you're almost there!
Step 8: Catch the gopher!
Step 9: Walk proudly with gopher! (You might not wanna look if you like gophers....)
Step 10: Smile, you've done it!
Kihei got 2 gophers that we saw around the house today and last time Jay took her over there she caught 3! If you would like to borrow the Husky 1000 for any digging, cultivating, or pest extermination needs - we'll rent her out to you for a good price!