Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Weekend

So we had another weekend away in Edmonton with Mom and Dad. It was really nice to see them again and we also got to visit with Braden's Godparents Natalie & Steve and it's always so great to see them. The main reason why we went to Edmonton was go to go Becky's little one Allie's baby shower! It was so great to finally meet Allie and to visit Becky again. Also got to see Katie and Julie...I really miss my nursing friends a lot. So here she is, just another girlfriend for Braden:

Becky looked absolutely fabulous, she was still glowing!
Isn't she a beauty? She truly is a miracle child. Becky & Jeff went through a lot of heartache and tears with IVF's to finally get to have this little angel. Couldn't have happened to a better couple, what a great blessing! We also had to deal with this all weekend:
It looks like the middle of winter! We had big, huge wet snowflakes fall all evening and they finally started sticking to the ground. Unbelievable! No more snow....PLEASE!

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  1. wow does your escape look bigger than Uncle Steve's


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