Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something's Gotta Give...

We had the worst night ever last night. Poor Braden is soooooooo tired, he literally cannot sleep, no matter what we do. I am almost certain he's getting up out of habit now, not that he is hungry or needs anything. He's not in pain, he's not teething, he's had well over a week to practice his milestone of rolling over. Oi. I'm not going to cut night feedings cold turkey, I will be weaning him...and sleep training starting tonight. We'd sure appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers, it's going to be tough, but hopefully well worth it in the end. I'll keep you posted, but wish us luck.


  1. Send him to stay with grampa until he's 4 ..... I will take care of the boy !

  2. Keep a positive and cheerful affect, it may just transfer to Braden and he will find it easier to sleep. [Just assume it will be easy]
    I hope the crops were seeded before the snow. A great start for them.

  3. hang in there Sarah! i hope all goes well tonight. no matter what you're feeling right now, it WILL pass & you WILL sleep again!!!

  4. I agree, Marjorie! Having a calm and positive attitude definitely rubs off on the little ones. We have 180 acres left to seed, but in the long run it doesn't really matter when it gets done. Had a bit of moisture last night. Laura - that's what I keep telling myself "this can't last forever! I will sleep again!". Haha, Dad...instead of that, why don't you come down next Tuesday and spend the night?!

  5. Sorry I'm in Kananaskis golfing Tuesday and Wednesday .....


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