Thursday, June 10, 2010


I went to Crossiron Mills yesterday with Joy, Laura, and the kidlets to do some shopping. We mainly wanted to go to Babies R Us because they have this amazing deal where you bring in any brand of stroller, crib, or car seat and you get 20% off any new stroller, crib, or car seat. So I brought in an old stroller that Joy rescued from the dump (thanks, Joy!) and got 20% or $60 off of Braden's new convertible car seat! Luke has the same one, the Britax Marathon in "Cowmooflage"! I think we'll keep Braden in his bucket seat for as  long as we can stand it...he still falls asleep frequently and it's easy just to pop him in his snap 'n' go stroller.

So if any of you mommies out there need a great deal on a new stroller, crib, or car seat...go rescue one of the same from the dump or get one cheap at a garage sale and get a great deal, but just until tomorrow - June 11th!