Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Suprise for Joy!!

Well, lots has been going on lately...and when I have the energy to upload pictures...I'll post more. But the most exciting news by far is this:
Oh don't worry! Those aren't mine...they are Joy's TWINS!!!! I've known for awhile now that she was pregnant, but she went for an ultrasound last week and found out that there's 2 in there! I am so excited, I cannot put it into words! She was originally due January 13th, but full term twins is 38 weeks which would put here at the middle to end of December. It's so funny, cuz last weekend at the lake, Sam and I were talking about Joy's pregnancy and that she was due 2 days before when Sam was pregnant with Hannah. Then I pointed out that Joy's 2nd baby and Braden would be the only grandkids to share the same birthday month...unless she has twins and delivers in December - haha! Little did I know that statement would be true later in the week! She's just over 9 weeks pregnant, so please keep her in your prayers that she has 2 healthy twinsies.