Monday, June 7, 2010

Braden's First Day at the Lake!

We decided we HAD to take advantage of the only sunny day that we've seen in awhile, yesterday! We were heading to church and Jay said "I don't want to waste today staining [at the new house], we should go boating!" Just so happens we sat next to Sam at church and she said Vince was home with Hannah getting the boat ready to go to Sheerness Lake! We got an invite, went home, packed up our things and headed to the lake. I was so excited to take Braden, he'll be doing a lot of it in his life, so better get him used to it! Doesn't he look ADORABLE in his rashie, swim trunks, hat, and sunglasses?!?
First time in his MonkeyDoodlez swim diaper...with a cute blowfish on the tushie! Good thing I got size small...he has no butt! (Thankfully he didn't poop either!)
 First time in the lake with Dad. It was actually kinda chilly still, he squealed when he got in, then got used to the temperature, I'm so proud of him! I think he was so happy because he got to...
 ...chew on something!!!
Jay was VERY happy to be out wakeboarding on such a beautiful day. Look at those clouds!
Allllllmost asleep with Mommy! (He did have a good snooze!)
 A nice family picture! Braden with his fist in his mouth....of course!
 Just had to change him out of his swim gear and get him into his cute FuzziBunz! I think he's getting a bit chunky again!!

I had such a great time and I'm so glad we went. I didn't go wakeboarding...still too cold for me! I'm a fair-weather wakeboarder and snowboarder as well! Conditions and temperature must be near perfect! So, Braden had a wonderful time, didn't cry once, had a good snooze on the boat, a great nap on the way home, and STTN! Yay, buddy! Maybe we should go to the lake more often...

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  1. Love all the pics, what a cutie!!! He is sure styling :)


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