Monday, July 5, 2010

Adventures in Solid Food!

So after a bit of thought and talking it over with Jay...and feeling tremendously guilty every time I eat in front of Braden...I decided what's a week or two in the big scheme of things? So we did something very easy and what Laura and a couple of baby books recommended - avocado! I'm not a fan myself...but Jay is, so it was easy to prepare, all I did was mash it with a fork and mix some breast milk with it...and voila. Here's a picture after his first bite:
Definitely not a huuuuuuuuuge fan of avocado!
Another bite?
If anything...he had fun chewing on and playing with the spoon!
 Hey, Mom! That was new! Let's try it again tomorrow!

In the end, he still did eat most of it...but definitely didn't enjoy it. I don't imagine it had a great texture...and I don't like the taste we're going to try carrots tomorrow, so I hope that goes better for him and that he enjoys it. But, I am very confident that he is ready for solids. He took the spoon very well, opened up his mouth like he's supposed to, he doesn't have his extrusion reflex anymore, and I think he'll learn to "chew" and swallow with time. I figure they start soooooo slow on solids it wouldn't hurt to at least try! Here's the video of his first solids. His expressions are just priceless!


  1. Steve and I laughed at this video so much.....poor Braden. Doesn't look like he is a fan of avacado, geesh mom :)

    Hope he likes carrots tomorrow :)

  2. those expresions are priceless! i hope you take videos of every new food!

  3. I am....I've got carrots ready to blog about!


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