Friday, July 2, 2010

The Old Elevator

So this is what was happening on the farm yesterday:
It's very bittersweet! Ever since I met Jay his parents have been saying that "this year" they are going to tear down that old elevator. But this's actually happening. I love that elevator and I'm sad to see it go. But it's wood is going to a great new home, it's helping to build the new mercantile in Rosebud for the dinner theatre. Here's some of my memories of the elevator...
My first pic of the elevator in March of 2006.
Our wedding, July 2007.
 September 2008
 Our Christmas/maternity pictures...
 And my latest elevator post about the geese.

Oh I will miss looking at it...but like I said, it's going to a good cause and I'm excited to see how the donated wood will look "brand new"!

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  1. This is/was a beautiful building. Think of the story it could tell. Sarah, how about you being the elevator's voice. You write well. Marjorie


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