Sunday, July 11, 2010

Braden's Dedication

Ever since Braden was born, and probably honestly even before that, Jay and I have been debating whether we should baptize him or have him dedicated instead. We got together with our pastor and finally had a really good talk about it. We decided to go with dedication vs. baptism. I was infant baptized and Jay was not. Here is a good explanation that Pastor Ray emailed to hopefully you all can understand too!

The Blessing of a Child
A Service of Dedication

The blessing of a child, also commonly referred to as the dedication or presentation of a child, is a service for parents who want more than anything else the blessing of God on their child ,but believe that baptism is to be reserved for those who make a conscious choice in confession of faith. Grateful for the gift of a child, the parents are accepting their responsibility of nurturing the child in the love and grace of God. For the congregation, the blessing of a child is a ritual of hospitality in giving welcome to the child and support to the parents-sharing in their joy and in the task of nurture, and looking forward to the day when, as a confessing believer, their child chooses to be baptized.
This service is rooted in the biblical celebration of the blessing of life and birth, in Jesus blessing the little children as the sign of the kingdom of God (Mark 10:13-16), and in the message of God's saving deeds in Christ for all, including children.
     The blessing of a child most commonly occurs on the Lord's Day as part of the worship service of the congregation. An appropriate hymn or spiritual may be sung while parents and family members gather at the communion table. The child will be dressed in ordinary clothes rather than in the white gown commonly used at baptism.

I hope that helps you understand better, our talk with Pastor Ray really helped us make the decision. Braden's dedication will be August 8 at 10:30AM during regular church service.


  1. It does help godmamma understand. Thanks :)

  2. That is most likely what we will do as well. Take pictures!

  3. Now I have learned something else. I did not know there is such a thing as a "dedication." I like it and it does make baptism meaningful for the child. What about confirmation? We were baptized as babies and then when we were about 13, if we wished we could join the church after taking formal classes. This was named confirmation.

  4. With dedication there is no confirmation...the confirmation, in a sense, would be the choice to be baptized as an adult, which is what Jay is doing the week before Braden is dedicated. I was infant baptized and I am going to do an affirmation of my faith too.


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