Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kitchen Update

Oh I knew I would love it, but now that I see it...I really love it! The cabinets and island are all installed, even the hardware is installed. There are a few finishing things to do, we are going to pick our granite this coming week and then the kitchen will be complete!!
This is the east wall, my "office" and our laptop will live here as well.
 The pantry.
 Bread box will be in the corner, lazy susan underneath.
This is where the stackable ovens will go and the microwave. I'm not quite sure why they are "framed" in right now....hmmmm.....
 The home of the fridge.
 My island is fabulous!!! It even has a drawer thingy for my Kitchenaid mixer!
 The back of the island, the 'L' shape is raised and will have a bar seating area there.
There are more pictures on Flickr of the ensuite, main bathroom, and a few other spots....the pictures don't do the paint color justice, we don't have lighting anywhere but the kitchen.


  1. Looks absolutely beautiful! Can't wait for our first sleepover!

  2. Looks great, love the color of the cabinets.


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