Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My New Addiction...

It's not the most horrible addiction to have. It's not smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling....but it does involve shopping! And it's not even the worst kind of shopping. This site, DiaperSwappers.com is just so much fun! I got introduced to it from my online mommies cloth diapering group...and it's awesome. I have sold or traded a lot of the diapers that I don't ever use on Braden, but that I bought to try. A lot of the "half off" baby product sites have deals on different brands of diapers that I couldn't resist trying for so cheap. Now I had a place to sell or trade them!

This isn't just for diapers either. I have also gotten great deals on used clothes for Braden. I love, love, love the Carter's brand, but you can only buy it randomly at Costco and eBay stores...sometimes I've had good luck at consignment stores locally too. You can buy used stuff for like $2-$6 each which is a deal you can't pass up for babies/kids because they outgrow them so fast. I have also sold a lot of the stuff that was lying around the house like DVD's that we don't watch anymore.

So I tried Braden in a medium FuzziBunz yesterday and it fit. I can't believe it. He'll be in the smalls for a long time still, there is quite an overlap in the sizing, but he can fit mediums.