Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prayers for Uncle Steve

Some of you know, some of you don't...that my Uncle Steve was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 6 months ago, around Christmastime. He's undergone chemotherapy treatments within that time and has been waiting to see if he was going to be eligible for a stem cell transplant. After a lot of pain, hoping, and praying, I'm so happy to say that the harvesting of his stem cells was successful after round 2 and an experimental drug, of which he was only the 4th person in Canada to take, he is now admitted to the hospital and will have his transplant tomorrow. He has a high dose of chemo today and then will undergo the stem cell transplant tomorrow.

I have been asking for prayer for him ever since we found out of the diagnosis at church, and I continue to ask for your prayers at this time. He is an amazing man, has had a very positive attitude throughout this whole time, and is very hopeful.

We are thinking of and praying for you everyday, Uncie Herb, and hope to come and visit you (me and Braden) later in the week if you are up to it.