Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pool Party!

Joy and Laura are so good at getting all the kids together for fun. It was an absolutely gorgeous, hot day today so all the cousins got together for a backyard pool party at Grandma & Papa's house.

They enjoyed the pool...
Took turns on Braden's swing...
And once all the big kids had their turn...even Braden got to try it out!
Then the sprinkler toy spraying the trampoline was a BIG hit!

Even Joy got in on the action as her mom said with worry, "Don't you bounce those babies out of there!!"
And then some of us just lounged around...
Awww holding hands! She's getting chunkier than him...but he's still longer!

Looking at these pictures just makes me realize how FAST these kids are growing up. Stop it! Haha....if only. I'm actually REALLY enjoying this age for Braden. He can entertain himself, but he's also getting really fun to play with! Joy is going to throw the kids another pool party tomorrow - more fun!