Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adventures in Solid Foods: Carrots!

Let's Try Carrots
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So on Tuesday was day #2 of solid foods. I decided to just push the avocado aside for now, seeing as how I wouldn't even eat it myself...and he didn't seem terribly interested at all. So I chose to go with carrots next because they are MY favorite vegetable, and "they" say to go with root veggies first because they are naturally sweet. So that video isn't the best, I had the camera set up on a mini tripod, and didn't realize that my arm was in the way for the most of the video! Jay was still sleeping for Braden's first carrots, so I had to made due on my own! I'm going to do a little video of every first food, so I'll get a better angle next time if Jay is still sleeping! Day #1 of carrots went pretty good. He definitely enjoyed them more than avocado, day #2 went even better, he got through them pretty quickly. Day #3, which is today, was GREAT! He LOVED them! He gobbled them up so fast! He was literally looking in the bowl for more when we were finished. I've probably been giving him about a tablespoon every morning...I'm not really sure when I up the quantity?!! I'll have to go back and read in my baby food books. I know to give them 3 days in between new foods (skip that part on the avocado ;) so that I can determine if he has a reaction or an allergy...but not sure when I can increase how much he eats at a time. Here are some pictures from our carrot adventures...

Day #1...
Day #3...
So tomorrow we try sweet potatoes! I imagine he'll just love them too! I am very happy that we decided to start a few weeks early...he's doing so well and he doesn't look so sad when we eat now!


  1. I can't wait to see him again! He looks like he's really enjoying his food!!

  2. i don't know what the 'books' say, but with Luke i just let him decide how much to eat. if he's handling it well and not spitting it up, i don't see the harm in giving him a little more...


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